This is a word overused by so many people and we never know if they are joking or being serious…

Personally I have suffered from this for a very long time, until only recently I discovered that I had a clinical problem.

Panic attacks took over my life, breathing became hard, my heart beating too fast, my body feeling unstable and the need for reassurance. Medicine is my best friend.

At first I was ashamed but now all I can say is I am brave and proud of fighting my anxiety and of the amount of studying and exams I have taken during this hard period. Mental illness takes over someones life, it controls you, your mind plays games on you, it tricks you, its something I wouldnt wish upon anyone. I pray everyone reading this suffering with a mental illness to recover, be brave and speak up. Don’t be ashamed because that was my worst mistake – not dealing with it when it was minor. And I pray to everyone reading this with no mental health problems to continue their life without it and pray for the ones suffering. Just remember, there are so many people that look perfectly normal and happy yet you dont know what battle they are fighting inside their head.

This is only my first blog post and I am aiming to share my stories with you and help each and every one of you suffering.

Don’t forget to believe in yourself, you can end your sadness and anxiety if you are determined to and i’m hoping to teach you how very soon.

Thank you!


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