What is home? – a question forever on my mind.”Where are you from” I get asked and I reply, “Syria” then get told that shouldn’t I refer to myself as half british. But shouldn’t home be where my house is? Saudi. But that is not home. What is home? Again, the same question haunts my mind. I don’t remember much of Syria, where I originally come from. I get told to get out of Britain because of my religion. But I’m not Saudi.

So… am i dealing with an identity crisis or what?

What is home?

Well first,

I am a Muslim British Syrian living in Jeddah.

So complicated I know.

But what this has taught me is none of us really have a home.

Yes, many of the people I know call the UK home. But what do you define as home? Somewhere you feel safe and allowed to express your feelings and be yourself. Yet everyday we hear of a new islamophobic attack. Is that home?

This move to Saudi has taught me to identify myself by my religion. I am a muslim and will act the way my religion taught me too. Unfortunately I’ll be foreign to every country I enter, whether is be due to the way I dress, the language I speak or even my accent.

Be proud to identify yourself as a muslim women and show that you are proud to do so no matter what. Never let people put you down for acting the way you’re supposed to, the way you want to act, the correct way to act. Express your thoughts and beliefs by the way you act and dress. Be proud of who you are❤️


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