White previlage –> Riyadh

If you have a younger sibling/relative you’ll know how observant they are, how they love to know EVERY LITTLE detail and how they ask questions about EVERYTHING. 

Whilst in Duty Free I overheard an English lady saying she’s off to Riyadh because she lives there so she needs some face cream. I looked up and thought wow an English lady living in Riyadh, a city where British Muslims seem to never want to step in.
Anyway on the way to our gate I stopped off to the toilet and while walking to the toilet I got pushed, surprisingly the same lady! She said she has a flight to get to so she has to hurry up, in my head I was like we’re on the same flight, calm down but just left it.
We were queueing up to get onto the plane and I heard someone talking behind me… the SAME lady talking to herself, so I ignored and turned back around. She got closer and said to herself “heres a lesson to teach your kids not to stare at people” i straight away turned around and said “excuse me” she said “yep teach your child not to stare its something you people do often, it’s quite strange, you see I’ve lived in Riyadh for 6 years and they stare at me, you know how zoo animals stare at you, thats what they do” 
I reminded her that my 8 year old sister is allowed to look around at whatever she wants, told her that actually I was born and brought up in London, actually lived there my whole life so I guess I learnt to look at people in her country????
She continued to go on about her life in Riyadh and how people stare and how we need to teach our kids not to look at people. To be honest she made it seem like a crime.
The funny thing is shes lived there for 6 years, im guessing shes been stared at for 6 years, so why are you going back. On behalf of muslims and “you people” please don’t come back to a country if you have a problem with their culture and can’t keep quiet.
I’m so happy to be back in Jeddah, where looking at people isn’t weird. Just remembering the way I accidently made eye contact with someone on the London underground makes me cringe. Thank god its normal here, something us people do! 🙂

Zaina X


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