‘I think I have…’


A lot of people have been messaging me and I really appreciate it but I think that when it comes to mental health you should always go to a specialist/psychologist and I am not one of those. So if you do have a mental health problem the person you should be seeking advice from is probably a specialist.

My blogposts are about how I deal with my problems as I am still going through my anxiety and have not fully recovered. I find writing and talking about it makes it better which is my own opinion, it feels therapeutic that I can write away with no limit and get whats in my head out of it so that my head can have a break.

If you discover that you do have a mental health problem from any personal experience, remember that you are not the only person suffering from this because because there are A LOT of people suffering from a mental health problem, more than you can imagine yet there way of dealing with it may be different to mine which may be due to their fear of what society will think or any other personal reason.

It took me a long time to discover what helps me feel better, whenever I feel down I write a blogpost, get everything out of my head and feel energetic again. I was afraid about what my friends would think only to realize it made me feel closer to them than before, you discover that people really do care for you and that you aren’t alone, you feel safe around them rather than feeling afraid.

What I did was I found a way to escape my anxiety, it took me a while to find what that was and I did have to try many things, it may be writing on a piece of paper all your thoughts. Listing all the blessings is your life VS the problem that is making you feel down.

Remember that the more help you seek the easier it becomes. When you seek help, for example going to a therapist, they can reassure you that what you’re going through is normal and they may even reassure your parents that a mental health problem is normal if they look at it as a taboo. Therapists and psychologists help you find ways to cope. They teach you coping mechanisms and teach you how to change the way you look at the problem that is causing you the mental health disorder. We are blessed to live in a time where we can seek help. Even if your family don’t believe mental health problems, think about yourself and how you can make yourself better because you are living your life and making your health better is your priority.

  • The first step that I did was I saw a doctor/specialist about my problem and explained to her how I felt/ what was going through my mind.

  • The second step was I had to understand the symptoms of my problem that the DOCTOR diagnosed me with and realised that what I’m feeling is normal, it’s not dangerous and reminded me to  thank God that there are treatments for it. 

  • The third step is I found a way other than going to a therapist/medicine to find my own way of making this problem better, it could be: baking, coloring, writing, making videos, playing games, studying, it could be anything.

I hope that helped, I’m not trying to push people away but as I am still not fully recovered I don’t think I have the authority to give advice to severe cases of mental health problems.

Zaina X






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