Anxiety and Faith 


Is there a link between lack of faith in God and anxiety?

We know that a cause of anxiety can be hormone imbalance, so can we say that there is a link between anxiety and a lack of religiousity and trust in Allah.
We know that anxiety comes in all shapes and forms and that there are different types for example social anxiety or panic disorder which have different symptoms.
So can we say that ALL type of mental illnesses is due to the lack of faith in God.

In Islam, we are reminded that God tests the ones he loves and after that test there will be a gift for you. Whether it’s a reward in this world or in the next world. God reminds us to be patient as after hardship comes ease. We are reminded that everything happens for a reason which is for our benefit yet we may not see the good in it during the time of difficulty.

Chronophobia. The fear of the future.

Not having control over whats going happen next, not knowing what’s going to happen in an hour, a day or a year. Doesn’t it make you anxious, it’s scary. It was one of the factors that increased my anxiety SO much.

You see anxiety is uncontrolable, like I said it takes over your life making it only harder to survive and have hope in yourself. So think about it, if you don’t have hope in yourself and don’t trust yourself, how can you trust something you have never seen? It is hard.

Now, this is where the belief in Qadar ( destiny ) comes in, it is one of the 6 pillars of Iman. This is where I may link faith to anxiety.

A traumatic unexpected situation may happen and you may develop ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ this makes you believe that traumatic situations will keep happening to you making you fear the future.

Yet, we cannot control the future, only God can, we have to trust him with our lives. I guess once you start trusting him with your life and believing that everything will happen for a reason you can live in peace.

However, at times this is hard for anxiety sufferers to understand due to the biological impact anxiety has and the first way to control it would be to take medicine in some cases. Then it would be cognitive therapy and once the person is calm , once they actually understand they have anxiety and not a deathly illness, they can begin to understand qadr.

You just have to put your trust in God, he’s the one that controls your future, no matter how hard you try to plan ahead God will change your plan. Pray to Him and ask him for what you want, tell him your plan and ask if there is any good in it. Just trust Him as He knows best. It’s scary but putting your trust in Him should slowly make you more comfortable.
What do you think? Is doubting Qadr linked to anxiety?
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