From my perspective this is what I love people doing when they’re around me while i’m anxious.
A couple of people asked me how do I treat my siblings/parents/friends that suffer from anxiety when they’re having a hard day.

First give this a read :

This is what I would say:

Don’t give up on me.

As irrational as it may seem to you just remember how real it feels to me.

It hits me at random times, just support me.

When I isolate myself don’t take it personally, when I don’t speak to you for a while don’t take it personally, please give me excuses and understand that I’m going through something hard to control. Don’t give up on me , you still mean a lot to me even though I may not show it. 

Sometimes I just need to be alone, its not personal.

Just reminding me to breathe and that everything will be ok will make me feel SO much better.

Don’t tell me to ‘calm down’ or ‘get over it’

When I’m CALM talk to me, distract me from focussing on my thoughts.

PLEASE don’t bring more attention to my panic attack.

PLEASE don’t yell at me and say ‘this is silly’ – no matter how much I love you phrases like these will forever be in my mind.

Help me focus somewhere else, don’t tell me to do it but help me do it. Breathe with me.

Stay next to me and let me know that you’re there.

Don’t give up on me, I just need some time.

You might think my life is wonderful compred to others, but my brain is always prepared for something bad to happen which makes me live in fear.

Reminding me that there are people living in worse situations than me, with no parents, no food and much more will only make me feel more guilty. I know in your world it’s meant to make you feel grateful. For me it stresses me out so much, it makes me feel like I’m such a bad person for not being grateful which makes me so anxious and depressed. I feel guilty for not helping them. I feel guilty for being alive. You don’t understand how much it stresses me out. I hate hearing stories of people living in such sad conditions even though its the sad truth, but it will only make my mind have more haunting thoughts that I can’t deal with…

REMEMBER, I am trying to improve myself.

Don’t ask me why I’m anxious, most of the time I don’t know.

Remind me it won’t last forever.

Don’t give up on me.   



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