the truth – antidepressants.

Hey guyssssss,

Welcome to the hardest blogpost i’ve ever written.

I want you to read everything carefully, read the PRO’s and CON’s.

Don’t focus on the negatives.

Disclaimer : I’m not against medication, it’s the best decision I made, I just feel like we should raise awareness about what people go through when they start this medication.

Even though i’m not on it now, if i need it i wil go back on it, hence I have nothing against antidepressants.

Nothing comes easy, all treatments have their downsides, and just because it’s to treat a mental illness doesn’t mean you should avoid it.

When I was put on antidepressants I was in a really dark, dark, DARK stage of my life. It’s so hard to even explain it.

PRO’s :

1) I promise you, finding the ‘right’ dose will be effective. It might take time to find the right antidepressant that works for you as well as the right dosage but it is worth it. 

2) Medication helps with insomnia. You see my anxiety overwhelmed me, my brain was on overdrive and because of this I just couldn’t sleep. So i’d sleep for two hours, wake up the next day feeling sick and exhausted from the lack of sleep and again that night I would’t be able to sleep. It became a vicious cycle. SO this was a lifesaver.

3) Side effects decrease within a month or so.

4) Antidepressants will help you differentiate between ‘anxiety’ / ‘depressive’ thoughts verses your own thoughts. You will be able to differentiate between the real facts in comparison to the fake fears. Your brain FINALLY relaxes and your are FINALLY in control of your thoughts. It feel great!

5) Once the medication kicks in, expect an increase in motivation and decrease in fear.

6) Increased ability to concentrate. You stop focusing on what could go wrong and begin to set targets, aims and goals.

7) Medication is NOT addictive despite what people may tell you. The withdrawal symptoms that are felt while coming off the pill are due to the psychological consequences of taking the pill. You will be able to come off your medication if you intend to and this requires effort and extra reading.

CON’s :

1) At first, your initial symptoms of depression/anxiety may increase. I took Prozac for my anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Unfortunately, the symptoms increased for the first 2 months. Not only that but I started to develop symptoms of depression which for me was really upsetting since initially I did not have depression. So really the first couple of months on antidepressants I was trying to overcome multiple problems and symptoms.

2) It takes about 2 months for the medication to be effective. Some people think that the problem gets better from the first pill you take. Well, that’s not the case. It takes a couple of months to ‘feel better.’ People think from the first pill you take, that’s it, your problems are gone you feel happy you’re another person.

Well here’s the reality – NOT TRUE.

3) It is not a ‘miracle’ pill that will solve all your problems. Along with medication, cognitive behavioral therapy is needed on the side. As well as that I read as many books I could based on the power of the mind trying to prove to myself I AM in control of my thoughts. 

4) They may not be effective for you. Not every pill will react perfectly with you, so you may have to experiment with different brands and doses. I had to try 3 to get the best one. My first two would sedate me or just had no effect so it takes time to find the right pill and dosage for you.

5) Coming off the antidepressant is a long process and comes with withdrawal symptoms such as: increased drowsiness, increased symptoms, and fatigue. I wrote about this on my instagram the first month coming of my antidepressants was the worst. Again symptoms of anxiety, panic and depression were on the rise. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was thankfully in the UK around my family and closest friends. I slowly found the motivation to get out of bed and make a change within myself.

6) Suicidal thoughts. Yup, it’s true! The worst of them all that I soon will write a blogpost about. People might read this and judge me, but here’s the thing it was caused by the medication, it was a side effect, it was out of my control and I HATED it. The only person that knew about this was my therapist, it’s a very scary thing to open up about.


Mental illness turns you into another person, you just aren’t yourself. I saw a quote that said ‘the one thing I miss is my mind’ and honestly when my mental illness was at its peak i can tell you that quote is 100% relatable.

Thank god I took my antidepressants. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely to be cured of a mental illness, but I can tell you for a fact that the antidepressants will help you feel at least 80% better.

My antidepressants calmed me down so much, my head was soon going to explode, it’s honestly TOO much to handle without medical help. If you are referred to a psychiatrist for medication pease say yes. Saying yes to it was the best decision I ever made.

I started to smile, laugh and talk normally again. Before, I was living a life of constant fear. Instead I’m currently living a life of happiness. I think i’m beginning to feel normal again.

My mental illness made me feel like ripping my head off. It was too much to handle. The antidepressants brought my anxiety levels down, it put life into perception. It controlled my mental illness and thoughts and I was slowly able to decide whether something was worth panicking over.

Yes there are cons, why did I mention it? Because it’s time to be REAL. There’s this romantic view of 1 pill being a lifesaver. So I decided to show the rawness of what it feels like to take antidepressants. But I promise you it is worth this. Please don’t battle mental illness alone, it will soon affect your physical health.

I hope this was helpful, useful and informative.

If you have any questions regarding this, i’m willing to open up about it.

Thanks for reading!



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